Young people, as they grow and mature, must cope with profound changes to their minds, bodies and circumstances. At times this is painful and confusing. There may be excess energy that needs to be harnessed positively if it is not to become destructive.

  • Feelings may be felt with incredible intensity, and overwhelm the individual’s ability to process them. There will be times when there are insecurities and uncertainty about identity and value, about the future and their place in the world.

    This means that young people need a strong foundation to launch from, one which can at times be rejected and pushed against with absolute safety. Especially as, in trying to understand themselves, their point of reference moves from parental figures to peers to their own sense of self.

    This developmental process, ordinarily full of challenges, can be disrupted and the individuals themselves psychologically harmed when the pressures they are under are greater than they can cope with. Incidences of this kind can increase in frequency and intensity when family life breaks down, there is abuse or trauma, discrimination or exclusion, poverty, drugs, crime or a prevailing gang culture.

We believe that Kundalini Yoga provides a physical vehicle in which young people can experience themselves and their vital energies in the best possible way. It gives them opportunities to process physical energy, emotions, fears and frustrations healthily and productively.


Rather than simply be victim to their sensations, emotions and thoughts. It provides them with more awareness of and confidence in their bodies, minds and emotions and helps to ground them in an experience of inner strength and true identity.


All of this helps to stop young people being pulled off centre and into groups and activities they do not really want to be part of. Furthermore, yogic philosophy can sometimes offer meaningful alternatives or context to world views that are oftentimes dominated by fear, judgement and competition. Our teachers provide a role model for respectfully and gracefully being with our own feelings, and being with others.



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