Are you interested in helping those most in need and work voluntarily within a team of dedicated, open-hearted and open-minded Kundalini Yoga teachers?

  • The GRDP is always open to applications to join our board of trustees. We consider all applications on a fair and equal basis.

    We share the desire to make a positive difference in our community by serving those most in need using the teachings and technologies of Kundalini Yoga and the inspiration of Sikh Dharma. The GRDP board of trustees is there to provide leadership and direction to the activities of the charity and keep them in alignment with the objectives and highest standards of ethics.

    Being a trustee involves being regularly in touch with the Project Manager and other trustees via our email group, contributing to group discussions, attending ca. quarterly online meetings, and sometimes supporting charity events. Initiating, leading or coordinating projects in areas of personal interest would be most welcome.


  • There is no requirement of how long you have to stay on the board. While being a trustee, the commitment for dedication of time is usually up to 2 hours per week, mostly reading and replying to emails within the team.

    You would need a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher certification, the desire to serve others and some team spirit. An appreciation and basic understanding of Sikh ethics and wholesome way of life is useful. Experience of business or the charitable sector or healthcare would be appreciated but is not essential. This is a voluntary position.

    If you feel you would like to support the GRDP as a trustee, please contact our Project Manager for more information.

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