Many people feel a void in their lives, stress levels are high, priorities are difficult to establish, relationships are strained and there is an ever present inner loneliness and emptiness. Something intangible is missing.

We search for external solutions and they remain elusive. This is because we have forgotten what we need to fully realise our potential as human beings. Given the right opportunity anyone can rediscover joyful living, a peaceful heart, the love of sharing and the healing power of compassion. It is this opportunity gap which the GRDP project aims to fill.


“We provide services to those most in need whatever their background or circumstances, so they may empower themselves to lead a happy and fulfilling life.” – Shiv Charan, Founder of GRDP

  • Project Aims / Charitable Objectives:

    (1) To share and advance, for public benefit, a practical spiritual lifestyle including Kundalini yoga, meditation, holistic healthcare and counselling to support and improve the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the community;

    (2) To advance the education of the public in good, healthy and balanced (Dharmic) lifestyle based on the highest standards of personal conduct and service to others, so individuals may empower themselves and inspire others to participate in their communities and lead fulfilling lives;

    (3) To advance the education of the public through improving opportunities for learning about Sikh Dharma, strengthening relations with the Sikh community through inter faith work, supporting shared spaces for exchange and social interaction and encouraging harmony across communities.

    Project Aims / Charitable Objectives: