If you would like to volunteer to serve the GRDP and the community as a sevadar (“volunteer servant”), you are welcome to offer your skills as a Trust Fundraiser, Event Organiser or Administrator (Social Media / Marketing).

  • Trust Fundraiser

    We require someone to help us collate a database of potential trusts and grants that we can apply for. We can provide all the training you would need. You would require an internet connection, a basic computer knowledge and the patience and desire to search through online databases and websites to pull together a list of grants and trusts that we can apply to for funding to help us meet our aims.

    We would also love to hear from anyone with experience of making large grant applications to help us secure funding for our projects. Activities resulting in successful fundraising are not expected to be volunteer, but can be paid for according to preceding agreement on usual market price.

    Trust Fundraiser
  • Event Organiser

    We require people to organise and operate our events. This can include the conception, advertising, booking and organising the programme of the event, as well as recruiting and leading a team of helpers to operate it on the day.

    Additionally to serving the community as social and inspirational gatherings and celebrations, some of our events can additionally serve as fundraisers for the charity.

    If you would like to be added to our list of volunteers and be part of the team that makes our events happen, please get in touch.

    Event Organiser

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Typical event tasks include
  • Finding and booking a venue
  • Setting a date
  • Organising a programme and inviting teachers and artists
  • Writing and publishing adverts
  • Managing bookings and finances
  • Recruiting and managing a team of helpers
  • Organising food
  • Being present during the event in person and spirit
  • Tidying up and cleaning after
  • Administration

    We are looking for someone who can afford a couple of hours a week to help us keep our message alive, promote our activities, help fundraise online, or assist with other administration.

    You would require an internet connection, some knowledge of WordPress , Mailchimp, Facebook and maybe Twitter and Instagram, and a regular time slot in your weekly schedule to update our channels with news, events and inspirational adverts.

    If you have some specialist knowledge in health care/mental health, finances/accounting, IT, social media, or specialisms within yoga such as pregnancy and childrens yoga or yoga therapy, we would love to explore ways of how you can help us serving better.



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