“To be strong… means meeting one’s own luminosity without fleeing… It means to stand and live.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes from Women Who Runs with the Wolves

Woman’s beauty and power lie within her intuition, intelligence and grace, her ability to see the larger picture, sense the need of others and act with courage and kindness to support her family, friends and community.


Women may be filled with a desire to be seen, be a presence or have a leading role in society, and yet also be limited by self-doubt, insecurity and fear which can lead them away from their strength and light. The practice of kundalini yoga and meditation helps women develop self-love, feel grounded, balanced and safe, and achieve connectedness, expansion and growth.


Many of the Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations are focused on empowering and benefiting women to live with dignity, strength and grace. Allowing women to embody their sacredness, compassion and radiance helps each individual and in turn our children, family, friends and the whole community.


Our work is to support women through the different stages of womanhood, including pregnancy, motherhood, menopause, as well as supporting women who face domestic violence, verbal, emotional or coercive control, loss, and bereavement.


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