The best way for you to donate to Guru Ram Das Project is via JustGiving, PayPal or by writing a simple cheque. If you can afford to donate on a monthly or annual basis via direct debit, we welcome all charitable donations.

This offers us the best support as we can then plan our activities based on the knowledge that we have a regular income. Even if you can only afford a few pounds per month, with a few people making regular donations it soon adds up.
If you are a UK taxpayer please ensure you click the box to add “Gift Aid” this will add 25% to your donation making it go further in doing good work.



Would you like to support a particular area of our work?


Older Adults

Help support classes and projects with older adults. Scarcity of provision in this sector is a growing concern with the increase in the population of over 60’s predicted to continue (1). As society frequently undervalues our elders (2), they are often left with very poor quality of life and this is something we can try to change.  Current areas of work include chair yoga, dementia care, and helping those in temporary accommodation.

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Young People and Children

Help support classes and projects for the under 25’s. In 2019 there were 4.2 million children living in poverty (3) and a record number of offences involving knives or other sharp instruments (4) in the UK. The wellbeing, experiences and opportunities we offer young people now will shape all of our tomorrows. Examples of our work include providing an alternative identity and projection to gang culture and yoga for children in deprived areas.

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Mental Health and Crisis Support

Help us run classes and projects for those in particularly challenging circumstances, such as recovering from addiction, homelessness, being in prison or on probation, in poverty or having a chronic health or mental health condition. Feeling well within ourselves affects not only ‘happiness’, but also decision making, behaviour and the ability to build positive relationships (5). As such promoting good mental and physical health is essential for people in crisis both to help them cope and, where possible, to move out of crisis.




Help tear down the walls of  discrimination and marginalisation for those who have experienced extra barriers to participation such prejudice, culture and language differences or invisible disabilities (6). Whilst the UK is in many ways an integrated and peaceful society, there are still some worrying trends regarding discrimination  (7) and much related damage that needs to be undone (e.g. 8). This fund would include (but not be limited to) classes or projects for women, ethnic minorities and/or the LBGT community.

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