Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness. It can be practised by everybody. It is a dynamic, versatile and adaptable practice designed to give you an experience of your soul.

  • Although some of the background philosoph of Kundalini Yoga is originating from the ancient East and is using some Sanskrit-based vocabulary, its application is holistic, universal, all-inclusive, trans-religious and non-dogmatic.

    Kundalini Yoga is a technology for self-transformation and personal development. In diversified series of mostly dynamic exercises we use rhythmic combinations of physical movement, breath, concentration and sound to create an harmonically synchronised state of awareness.

    In this state all aspects of our being - including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - experience a positive interplay and affirming communion, which can be seen as the cause of all healing and transformation that unfolds.

  • A systematic strengthening and balancing of nervous and glandular systems improves physical, mental, and emotional stability and yields increased vitality, awareness and sensitivity. Most exercises are designed to help release chronic tensions and energetic blocks, to realign and improve posture, and to allow body fluids and vital energies to move, transform and serve us better.

    A highly underrated aspect of the practice is to learn to relax. The balanced mix of physical and mental effort, joyful chanting and deep relaxation is the secret of success of Kundalini Yoga. The long-term ultimate goal of Kundalini Yoga is a gentle awakening, distribution, and application of Kundalini Prana (vital energy) in the human being to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life, and to experience oneself in the grace, beauty and love of our creative essence, Sat Naam.

How Kundalini Yoga Benefits Vulnerable People

Kundalini Yoga Benefits


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