Projects & Specialist Teacher Trainings

Apart from regular yoga and meditation classes for vulnerable people, the GRDP also runs many temporary projects, events and specialist teacher trainings.


They arise in response to the additional needs of a community we are already serving, or from the inspiration of one of our volunteers, supporters or partners.


We like to support all those we are involved with to follow their passion of serving those most in need, promoting inter-faith, tolerance and knowledge about wholesome lifesyle, and bringing communities together.


The last few years have been particularly busy with project work. We have taught teachers in South Africa how to adapt their yoga classes to help people with an HIV+ diagnosis. We also helped train…


GRDP Chair-Based Yoga programmes:

Chair-Based Yoga


GRDP Demetia Suport programmes:

Dementia Support


Our Yoga in Healthcare projects:

Yoga in Healthcare


Our Yoga For Young Children project:

Yoga For Young Children


Our Yoga and Knife Crime Prevention project:

Yoga and Knife Crime Prevention


Our Prisons Project:

Prisons Project


Our HIV Support programmes:

HIV Support


Our Homeless Support projects:

Homeless Support


Read how Kundalini Yoga benefits vulnerable people:

Kundalini Yoga Benefits


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