The Prisons Project was formed in 2020 by a collection of teachers interested in bringing Kundalini Yoga into UK prisons and the Justice System. This group has links into the Mental Health and Justice System in the West Midlands area.


Kundalini Yoga is recognised as a particularly efficient and transformational form of yoga. It promotes all aspects of wellbeing and supports profound changes in body and mind at a student’s own pace and within the context of their readiness to make change. It is in part a physical system for flexibility, balance, detoxification and fitness. It is in part a lifestyle intervention promoting healthy habits around eating, sleeping, exercise and general conduct. It is in part a practical (embodied) psychology or philosophy about engaging with the world through awareness of self, others and the environment; acceptance and containment of one’s own experience’s and mastery of one’s own impulses.

It can be engaged with in one or all of these aspects.


As such it is a perfect modality, if pitched at a suitable level to match the needs, environmental restrictions and abilities of participants, to support prisoners, secure mental health service users, prison and hospital leavers and those at risk of re-offending. The structure of a Kundalini Yoga class allows participants to engage safely and develop inner trust though exploration of their own borders and boundaries, creating a healthier relationship to their sense of self.


During Covid restrictions it has not possible to set up any classes inside prisons, but we are in the process of setting up a class in a secure hospital, and another as part of a programme supporting prison leavers
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Research on Yoga in Prisons


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