Are you interested in teaching vulnerable people?

The GRDP is always on the look out for KRI qualified Kundalini Yoga teachers with a desire to serve the community by teaching yoga and meditation to those most in need for people who, for whatever reason, are unable to access a regular public class.

As well having the opportunity to serve people in challenging circumstances, there are many other benefits to becoming a GRDP teacher. Apart from teachers for classes and workshops, we are also always looking for people who organise and host them. While some of our classes are funded to pay for the teacher, most classes are voluntary seva.

  • There are a number of benefits to being a GRDP teacher. We want to help you shine in the service of others. We have a panel of experts to support you, including a medic, psychological therapists, teacher trainers and yoga therapists. Our Project Manager is on hand to offer practical support or mediation should you encounter challenges where you teach. We also often have access to free or subsidised relevant training.

    You will have an opportunity to stretch yourself and grow as a teacher with us. If you develop enough expertise with a particular client group, we can offer you opportunities to share your knowledge with others in workshops for teachers. And if you have a passion for developing any particular project or service for the benefit of others, we will help you develop it in partnership.

  • What we are looking for:

    * Although qualifications in other disciplines are occasionally considered, we would normally only accept teachers with at least a KRI Kundalini Yoga level one certification.

    * Trainees who are close to qualification might be able to teach outreach classes for us (e.g. fundraising classes for the general public or a by donation class in a poor area). Where we do not have a class that we can offer you immediately, we would love to support you set up your own class.

    * Additionally to a relevant yoga teacher certification, we look for a genuine desire to help others and a sensitivity and willingness to adapt your teaching to meet the needs of those in front of you. If you do not have previous experience teaching vulnerable people, we can help you make the necessary adjustments.

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    What we are looking for:


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A GRDP Initiative in Memory of Shirley Hutchison to Support Teachers of Older Adults

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