We are always looking for organisations we can partner with in order to provide our services. Past and present hosts for our classes include:


  • NHS Recovery College
  • St Mungos
  • Open Age
  • Castlehaven Community Centre
  • Single Homeless Project
  • Sateda
  • CASA
  • Catching Lives
  • Cecil and Central
  • St James Centre
  • Fairfield House
  • Better Lives
  • Brixton Pop
  • Blenheim
  • Terrence Higgins Trust
  • West London Lighthouse
  • Elmgrove House
  • A successful collaborative approach

    We have a successful approach for creating collaborative and fruitful relationships with our partners.

    By listening to our partners and organisations needs we develop a unique Kundalini Yoga program to focus on the yoga benefits of their client group.

    Step 1 - An organisation discovers the charity, along with all the benefits of Kundalini Yoga and decide they would like to work with us.

    Step 2 - We make an assessment of the organisation's needs to establish which program they will benefit from most, or create a bespoke program.

    Step 3 - We look for a suitable Kundalini Yoga teacher to fit with the organisation and culture.

    Step 4 - One of our teachers goes into the organisation and starts to run regular Kundalini Yoga classes and gathers feedback from the clients.

    Step 5 - After a period of time the client community within the organisation start to feel the benefits of the Kundalini Yoga.

    A successful collaborative approach


  • If you are interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you. Particularly if you are already working with a vulnerable client group and think that they (or your staff) might benefit from regular yoga and/or meditation classes, or from workshops and courses with a yoga or meditation component (e.g. building confidence and self esteem, improving or managing health/mental health, authenticity, stress management, etc).

    All of our teachers are professionally trained and qualified, and supported by the charity’s professional advisors: Medical, yoga therapists, yoga teacher trainers, talking therapists and experts in children’s yoga, chronic fatigue and dementia. As well recruiting and supporting the teacher, we also are here to help resolve any challenges that arise in relation to the class provision.

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  • Each partnership we enter into is unique and dependent on the needs of the client group and the organisation as well as the resources available. Typically we require a partner organisation to provide a suitable environment in which to teach the classes. Having access to on site equipment (yoga mats and blocks or cushions; or suitable chairs if it’s a chair yoga class) is a great advantage. We would also normally expect some contribution towards the cost of the class provision.

    For regular classes we have a sliding scale of £30 - 50 per class of which most or all goes to the teacher for their time and travel. Where there is no money to pay for our services, we will try to recruit a teacher who is able to offer their time voluntarily. For the cost of bespoke workshops and courses please enquire.

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