Supporting Lifestyle Changes

The great importance lifestyle plays for our health and wellbeing is increasingly recognised by today’s health authorities.


Since ancient times, the science of yoga has promoted an holistic approach to our physical, mental and spiritual health which includes all aspects of life, like diet, physical exercises, breathing and concentration exercises, communication, relationship, code of conduct and the general ability to manage ones own energy and inner experience.


Many of us know that we could improve our lives if only we would give up smoking, cut down on alcohol and/or sugar, work less hours, not lose our temper so quickly etc. The reason why we do not change so easily has oftentimes to do with habit, resistance and the lack of motivation and energy. To make changes we need the energy and positive experience that our efforts are worthwhile. This is why Kundalini Yoga is so efficient, it can provide both relatively quickly.


Kundalini Yoga facilitates physical fitness, stamina and vitality, emotional stability and mental clarity. We discover quickly that we can feel good within ourselves, and that awareness sharpens concerning our thoughts and emotions, the choices we make and what we project. Kundalini Yoga offers plenty of simple life enhancing habits, foods and drinks, and healthy self care to replace any of our old habits we have found to be obstructive and harming.


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