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“[I’ll] tell you about Sadhana – funniest thing – my own personal experience: one day I had a fever. It was about hundred and four and it was very continuous and I was advised to rest and they put lot of blankets so I should sweat. They gave me medicine but at the time when it was my Sadhana time I got up and I knew that if I would wake up my attendant I would not get away with it. I didn’t have strength in me to walk, I crawled all the way and when I came out I didn’t have the strength to do my Sadhana while sitting also, I lied down and did my Sadhana and while doing Sadhana I slept, when I got up I was absolutely healthy, I worked the whole day, didn’t feel anything, you call it totally fanaticism, I call it the strength of Sadhana, look at the way you want.

Sometimes I am so tired that this is how I do my Sadhana but I do it, my neck has never broken, and I am still there, and I am still alive but Sadhana is Sadhana and Sadhana time is Sadhana time period. It’s my Sadhana, because I remember I have to leave body and I have to go, then I have to work hardest than I work in my body and I know in return I must have done Sadhana as you always want to clean your house to come back, you don’t want to come to a dirty, ugly, unarranged house. Sadhana is a very simple phenomena that’s why Sadhana is a personal strength; Sadhana is not favoring somebody else.”
Yogi Bhajan, 8/2/83

“What is sadhana? It is a process which you do every day to grow, to be. There is a fight in this lifetime: to be or not to be. Nobody can destroy you… You destroy yourself by not being yourself.”
Yogi Bhajan, 07/05/81

“That is the highest Sadhana, that your presence should remind people of God. What a [bigger] and more powerful miracle than that can be that by your very presence you can invoke [Godhood] in people.”
Yogi Bhajan, 8/1/82

“The greatest award of doing Sadhana is the person becoming [incapable of being defeated]. Sadhana is a self-victory and it is a victory over time and space. When you have to get up for Sadhana it is a defeat in itself because you don’t want to get up. When you get up, it is a victory [over] time and when you do it, it’s a victory [over] space, that’s what Sadhana [is]. Sadhana is only for you, Sadhana is a self-victory. Through Sadhana you can defeat your all miseries, misfortunes and handicaps. It’s a personal thing, […] it does not relate to anybody [else].”
Yogi Bhajan, 7/7/81

“Don’t forget one very simple thing: all that you are today is because of sadhana. You all started with sadhana, and you did it very well. Sadhana is what nourishes you and makes you a human being, shapes you into a powerful, meditative, constructive human being. It is what you need most in life, and you drop it.”
Yogi Bhajan, 07/06/81

“Getting up in the morning for Sadhana is totally a selfish act for personal strength, for personal intuition, for personal sharpness, for personal discipline and [overall] for personal absolute prosperity.”
Yogi Bhajan, 7/14/89

“These are the three virtues of sadhana:
1. Because once you have your own mind under control, intuition will give you all the knowledge of the world.
2. If you have a control on your mind through your social and structural thing you have answer for everything.
3. And if you have control on your own mind, you can see the soul and God right within you.”
Yogi Bhajan, 09/25/88

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