by Satya Kaur

satya kaur 01_Cultivate Your Own Happiness

Victimhood and a mediocre life are still widely accepted and practiced modes of life. They are, however, not the way to build a bright future nor an example to set for our children. It is for women to claim and generate their own happiness.

Do you think it is more easily said than done? No, it isn’t. When did you last say it? How many times in the last 24 hrs? Start saying out loud “I cultivate my own happiness” several times a day and watch the flow…

Focus Your Efforts On Your Self Rather Than Someone Or Something Else

Your work, your children and your boyfriend are not more important than you. Stay in your centre at all times and from there give, share, allow, help, enjoy etc. Never, ever, place your self 2nd. What do I mean? If there is only space to walk in a single file it does not really matter who walks in front or behind. Yet, if you are always walking behind and you don’t like it, change it, say it, make sure you overtake. This takes considerable self-evaluation but it will be an ascending learning curve and quite exhilarating.

Stabilize Your Whims And Moods

We are moody and insecure by nature. Any efforts we make to stabilize our selves and maintain our ground are absolutely worthwhile. This takes discipline. Yes, SELF-DISCIPLINE. I suggest everyone of us identifies one or a few strategies which allow for self expression whilst neutralizing our emotional state. This will, overtime, pay off and grant you mastery.

Yogic techniques are excellent strategies as are other harmless ways of letting off steam. The important thing is to apply them systematically and grant those taxing moments their due importance. Your soul communicates to you through your feelings. So, how you feel really matters and you can restore your own balance.

Yogi Bhajan was a master and he was my Spiritual Teacher. He pointed out the importance of the Self-Sensory System in the Aquarian Age.

All the above recommendations are an expansion of that new and vital tendency in us in the context of the current times. They are a warning for women to change their focus.

Red Tents everywhere are an excellent way to get together and jointly explore these recommendations. Look for one near you.

Satya Kaur is co-founder of the international Karam Kriya School and Quinta do Rajo Asham in Portugal. She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 30 years, is a Level I and 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer and author of “Kundalini e Eu”. Satya was a midwife for 9 years and shares her knowledge of yoga and maternity through The Mother’s Journey. /

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