Report from the Mool Mantra Japa

By SS Sat Siri Singh Khalsa

On a weekend in mid-July 2014, some 20 souls of the UK Kundalini Yoga sangat gathered in Sat Charan Kaur’s house in Kent for a very special experience in worship: 44 hours unbroken Mool Mantra recitation (Japa), offered as a collective effort in praise of the essence of existence, to call on the energy and guidance of our lineage of Guru Nanak.

During the course of the weekend, very few words were spoken outside of the Japa itself. Everybody who was taking a rest from reciting to eat some food (Kitcheree, freshly prepared by the sangat among other snacks) or to sleep for few hours, seemed to stay naturally immersed in the naad spiral that was created in the collective mind, entranced by the sound-current of something beyond.

The recitation room was shaded and lit by candles only, filled with the continuous sound of a recording of my voice chanting the Mool Mantra; around it waning and waxing waves of meandering melodic variations from the chanting community. The rest of the house was filled with the subtle peace of a silent retreat and with some people sleeping wherever they found space to lie down in the generous and graceful environment of Sat Charan’s home.

The coming and going of people, both to the house and to the recitation room, was like a self-regulating stream of worshippers called by the voice of the Divine any day or night time. At all times, at least two people were committed to hold the space of recitation in the room.

My personal experience included both, the ecstasy of flying high in the spiral of naad, being at home in it, but also by the challenges of uneasy mental eruptions and painful legs and hips that seem to come naturally with long sitting. I felt that the immersion in the naad of the mantra was as intense, lovely and blessed as the immersion in the sangat around me: By doing nothing else than reciting the same mantra, it seemed as if our distinctions that emerge from normal talk would cease, and we would more easily be in our common essence.

Deep gratitude and sensations of the unconditional blessings of the Guru filled me in the end. We have done nothing, became smaller in our small selves, and were brought face to face with the incomprehensible and nameless light and power of naam. By the grace, at Sunday evening, the Guru Ram Das donation box was filled with £175. Thank you to everybody.

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