Article by Shiv Charan Singh

Someone once pointed out that when you spell the word Guru this is what you say:

G = JEE, or GEE,  U = YOU ,  R = ARE ,  U = YOU

‘Gee you are you’.

Well it may seem obvious but to a lot of people being their real self is a most difficult task. There are many circumstances that can lead to deep insecurities about one’s idea of self. The Guru Factor of the project is to give people a mirror to their possibilities. To share the living methods that will give people an experience of their latent potential and to affirm the innocence of the spirit so it can be given a chance to come through.

‘You are you’ means you are not the product of your social history, you are not just what the opinion of others may impose on you. ‘You are you’ suggests the you that was before things, that has gone through things, that is still now and that shall continue to be. This continuous self is referred to as soul or spirit and that is also the meaning of the term ‘Jee’.

The importance of the Guru aspect of the project is that there is a timeless wisdom and practical intelligence that is universal in nature. It gives people a focus that brings a touch to their heart. Meaning it takes a person out of their ever expanding mind and its complexes and directs them to an inwardness of self-experience. The Guru factor points to the light that ever shines in our inner darkness and invites us to fearlessly open its presence into the world.

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