Teach an Outreach Class

From time to time we need new teachers to take over our existing seva classes or to cover for teachers when they are away.

If you would like to be added to our database please contact the Project Manager with details of where you are available, when you are available and your contact details.

Setting Up Your Own Class

GRDP can also help you set up your own a seva class to support those in need.

With 11 years experience we can help take you through the steps to get a class up and running and provide support in negotiating with centres, providing DBS (CRB) checks or site evaluations and also potentially help with funding or raising funds for your class. Importantly we can also help you find cover teachers and someone to take on the class should you need to stop teaching for any reason.

It is to be noted that this can be a lengthily process and does require commitment on your part, we would like all classes set-up via GRDP to be sustainable and long-term ventures.

Steps to setting up a class:

  1. Decide the area of need you would be interested in supporting with a class (eg. mental health, homeless, rehab, women, etc)
  2. Research Local Centres & Projects (online / library / council & use our links / resource centre)
  3. With this background information, contact GRDP Project Manager to discuss setting-up a GRDP Class
  4. With our support contact the centres
  5. Visit the site (GRDP can support with a risk assessment)
  6. If necessary GRDP can put working agreements in place and help conduct any necessary DBS (CRB) checks
  7. Access GRDP induction papers to help with teaching in areas of need
  8. Begin teaching
  9. GRDP can offer support in finding cover and replacement and cover teachers when necessary.


Steps to funding a class:

  1. Initial discussion of grant application with GRDP Project Manager.
  2. Research Local Sources of Funding (via Local Community Support Centre / Library / Online)
  3. GRDP Trustees will discuss and approve viable applications.
  4. Make application with support of GRDP

Want to Get Teach?

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Opportunity for teaching a weekly seva class: Paul’s Cancer Support Centre, Battersea, London

GRDP is setting up a weekly class for people affected by cancer and would like to invite anyone from the Kundalini Yoga teaching community who feels inspired to offer their service by teaching this class.

Venue: Paul’s Cancer Support Centre

Address: 20-22 York Road, Battersea, London SW11 3QA

Day: Wednesday

Time: 11am – 12.30pm

Clients and attendees include:
– people at different stages of cancer from initial diagnosis to post-treatment and remission
– carers
– relatives

Class requirements: A gentle approach based on pranayam, stretching exercises and meditation with a focus on relaxation and stress release.

As people have different levels of physical ability and overall health, the teacher would need to accommodate and adapt for anyone sitting in a chair.

Website: For more details about the Centre visit: www.paulscancersupportcentre.org.uk

Further information: If you are interested, please contact Angad Kaur at GRDP: angadkaur@grdp.co.uk