Guru Gobind Singh is the 10th Guru in the lineage of the Sikh Masters.

The dharma of number 10 is courage, wholeness, deep listening to the ‘All Is’ and radiance.

The karma of number 10 is to be feeble and pale, to fade away and to be overwhelmed.

The zero in number 10 brings illumination of, or an eclipse to, our natural and original state, which is consciousness.

Leap through the ring of zero to become again the Self-Reliant Radiant Being that is destined for all.

10 is the sum totality of all; all light, all bright. It is not the light polarised by darkness. Rather an all-encompassing brilliance from which arises the play of light and dark, life and death, male and female. And it’s on the threshold between these that the absolute light shines; as if through a crack in the veil of Maya.

With this light in our lives neither winter is too cold nor summer too hot.

Absence of the light of life is not necessarily darkness. Rather it is a ghostly existence; as if always about to disappear. The light is still there but constantly being dimmed down. Lacking a nucleus from which to shine out.

Therefore the significance of the courage to identify one’s self; ‘I am the light’, ‘I am a being of light’. ‘I come from the light and to the light I return’.

The Radiant Body is our ultimate identity. Mind, Body and Soul are all to serve us to set up the permanent dynamic emanations of our light being. It is a dynamic state in which light constantly flows out from an indescribable centre in all directions.

As the 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh is a Radiant Being with a fully conscious sovereign identity that knows, and is in command, of its own domain.

The vibration of Guru Gobind Singh is ‘Saibhang’; A self-sustaining and self-illuminating being of light. In which all impurities are burnt away.

He knew himself as the Zero and God’s Will was the 1 at his side; in the form of the sword of dharma, truth, justice and discernment.

In his commitment to defend others from oppression he lost many great Sikhs along with his 4 children and their mother.

His whole life was an expression of how one must give up everything and become zero to know the true self. And in his poetry we can sense how, with every breath, he continuously leaped through the ring of zero/shuniya and renewed himself in the light beyond.

In addition to the above, here are some more affirmations to reflect on:

– The light I keep within, guarded in my heart. I release it’s radiance from its confined space and, letting it shine out, I fully entrust myself to its loving care.
– I remember there is always another level, another dimension. There is always something else – beyond my current perception. I maintain a sense of the totality beyond normal comprehension and keep listening for the ever new.
– There is only one attitude to life: that is ‘wonder’.
– There is only one purpose in life: to serve the awakening to light and wonder in all being.

Shiv Charan Singh founded the Guru Ram Das Project and is the Director of Karam Kriya School. Read more

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