by Balvinder Kaur

communitiesWhen a group of conscious beings sit together to discuss spiritual matters, sing or listen to Shabad Keertan, they become Sat Sangat. The word ‘sangat’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘sangh’ which means company. When Sat Sangat comes together to bow and meditate in the presence of the highest spiritual teachings contained in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, they become Sadh Sangat (holy communion).

An opportunity to come together in Sangat has been provided by our annual events called ‘Aquarian Sangat’ held in Central Gurdwara, Shepherd’s Bush, London.

Now, the question arises – how does Sangat become Aquarian Sangat? Looking at it another way, Aquarian Sangat is Sadh Sangat of the Aquarian Age. What is Sadh Sangat? It could be summarised as:

  • The sangat of the Holy
  • Sitting together in the Gurdwara, meditating and praying
  • The presence of Vaheguru being experienced in the congregation

What does Sadh Sangat of the Aquarian Age mean to you?
To me, it simply means being in the right company.
It is the company around us that influences us to stay aligned with the Dharmic values.
It is the company that can help us elevate ourselves spiritually.
It is the company that can help us understand and kill our own demons.
It is the company that can release us from the chains of Maya.
Such company is found in the Sangat. In Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the Eternal Guru, the advice to keep the right company is given numerous times, over and over again, in many different poetical ways.

guru granth sahib 4_first floor of Harimandir Sahib_“The Kundalini rises in the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation; through the Word of the Guru, they enjoy the Lord of Supreme Bliss.” (Siri Guru Granth Sahib, p. 1402)

At the Guru Ram Das Project, the charity aims to provide opportunities to the community to come together in Sadh Sangat. In the transition period leading up to the beginning of Aquarian Age on 11.11.11., an inspiration came to one individual, Raghurai Singh, a GRDP Trustee who has been serving the charity for a number of years. This inspiration was to organise an event with a combination of Shabad Keertan and Vaheguru meditation throughout the night of 11.11.11. With the kind cooperation of Central Gurdwara, this event took place in the heart of London. It was attended by nearly one thousand elevated souls of the Kundalini Yoga and Sikh community. Since then, an annual ‘Aquarian Sangat’ event is held in London to bring conscious beings together in a space where they can be in perfect harmony with their souls. In October 2013, an event was organised to celebrate the birthday of Guru Ram Das Ji, the fourth Sikh Guru.

In October 2014, the charity is working with the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (KYTA), to create a special event that celebrates the birthday of Guru Ram Das Ji and the legacy of Yogi Bhajan who passed away ten years ago on 6 October 2004. The event will combine a National Seva Day organised by KYTA across many communities, followed by people coming together in Sadh Sangat at the Gurdwara to sing Shabad Keertan and Vaheguru Simran all night.

“Center your awareness on seva, and focus your consciousness on the Word of the Shabad. Subduing your ego, you shall find a lasting peace, and your emotional attachment to Maya will be dispelled.” (Siri Guru Granth Sahib, p. 110)

Sikh Dharma is founded on the principles of Sarbat da Bhalla – working towards the common good of all. The GRDP hopes that this year’s Aquarian Sangat programme will offer individuals the opportunity to offer their seva for the event alongside the experience of elevation by listening to Shabad Keertan in the company of Sadh Sangat.


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