Set Up or Attend a Fundraising Event

One of the best ways you can support GRDP is by becoming a Fundraiser.

Fundraising events not only raise funds but they also help to spread awareness of our Charity and our Cause.


You could attend an existing event and be sponsored on behalf of the Charity or if you have the time and the energy you could set up your own fund-raising event.


If you are inspired to fundraise for GRDP it is now easy to set-up sponsorship or an make an event via the Just Giving website. Simply click on the link below and follow their very clear instructions. When asked for your cause or the charity you are supporting search for “Guru Ram Das Project” and select us from their register.



Start fundraising with JustGiving


Some things you might consider:


Taking part in an organised event

You could be doing a marathon, trek, walk, cycle, swim, triathlon, skydive – in fact any type of official or unofficial organised event to raise money.


Teaching a fundraising class or workshop

You could set-up a class or workshop and donate the proceeds to GRDP. If you do this through Justgiving we get an extra 25% giftaid on the donations.


Celebrating an occasion

A birthday, wedding, civil partnership, christening or anniversary is a great opportunity to raise money for our cause.


Doing your own thing

Be inventive & challenge yourself, give up smoking, stop talking. The possibilities are endless.


Click on the link below and follow the simple instructions to set-up your fund-raising page:

Start fundraising with JustGiving


Get in touch with our Project Manager for more information. If you set-up an event, let us know so we can promote it to our members and supporters and help you raise money.