“Avar kajj tere kite na kam, mil Sadh Sangat bhaj keval nam”
“There is no other way to meet the Divine, but to join the society of the Godly persons and meditate on the NAAM (God’s vibrational frequency) with them.” – Guru Arjun Dev, Rehras

This year, Aquarian Sangat was a joint venture with KYTA (Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association) to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Yogi Bhajan’s passing alongside celebrating the birthday of Guru Ram Das.

communitiesGuru Ram Das Ji was a very humble and simple being with a devotional attitude to service. For these reasons, He was chosen to become the 4th Sikh Guru. He was a spiritual teacher and healer with a very big and open heart. His healing energy is continually available to all of us today!

So it was with a very big heart that the sangat gathered together to offer support for this event.

“Tann, mann, dhan sabh saup(i) Gur kau, hukam mania paiia.”
“Offer your body, mind and riches to the True Guru; you will learn to obey His command.” – Guru Amar Das, Anand Sahib, Pauri 9.

Attendees of the event took part in all three forms of seva (selfless service):

Tann seva (physical): The sevadars who provided physical seva (using the body) by preparing and serving lungar, cleaning the Langar hall, washing up, cleaning the toilets and upstairs hall; those who helped meet/greet at the entrance; those who prepared food at home and brought to the Gurdwara. The ‘power balls’, packed full of nutrients such as omega 3/6/9 and delivered in perfect timing for the 11.30pm break, were a real hit with the yogis!

Munn Seva (mind): Surrendering the mind and allowing the Soul to connect. There were very beautiful Shabds played from 7pm, a meditation at 11pm that connected the sangat to each other and to the energy of Yogi Bhajan, followed by the chanting of ‘Waheguru’ simran until 4am on Sunday morning. This all night event in the Guru’s Court, of singing from our hearts, concluded with a lovely Gong bath, giving us a revived energy in preparation for Aquarian Sadhana upstairs. Those who lead the mantras and those who sat in Sadh Sangat and chanted along are all participants of munn seva.

Dhann Seva (monetary): Your generous donations both to the Golak (Gurdwara moneybox) and to the GRDP are very kindly received and will be put to good use. With your ‘big hearts’ we raised in excess of £400. Through the collaboration with KYTA and the kind donation of Yogi Tea Foundation, we were able to provide a wonderful lungar, a selection of teas through the night and a birthday cake to feed the sangat!

“The object of human desire is to be desireless.” – Yogi Bhajan

Seva means “selfless service”, which means not expecting any return, including thanks or personal credit. God and Guru know all of our actions and deeds, so in this sense, our seva is always known.

However, even though you may not expect any thanks, the GRDP would still like to recognise everyone’s efforts and acknowledge the tremendous support you gave the charity. Our heartfelt gratitude is extended to all, whatever your contribution and participation.

If you missed the event this year, the opportunity will come around again next October. If you live outside London, please note there is free residential parking over the weekend, you can bring bedding and take naps in the upstairs hall, and tea and snacks are served throughout the night.

Looking forward to seeing you all and more next year!

Humbly Yours
Bal (Sri Ajeet Kaur)
Trustee of the Guru Ram Das Project

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