Can You Help Us?

We are always in need of more hands to help serve our aims so if you have a few hours you would like to offer in service please get in touch.

Currently we have the specific need for:

  1. Trust Fundraising Sevadar
  2. PR / Marketing / Social Media Sevadar
  3. Events Sevadars

Trust Fundraising Sevadar

We require someone to help us collate a database of potential trusts and grants that we can apply for. We can provide all the training you would need.

You would require an internet connection, a basic knowledge of MS Excel and the patience and desire to search through online databases and websites to pull together a list of grants and trusts that we can apply to for funding to help us meet our aims.

We would also love to hear from anyone with experience of making large grant applications to help us secure funding for our projects.

PR / Marketing / Social Media Sevadar

We are looking for someone who can afford a couple of hours a week to help us keep our message alive and to promote our activities and help fundraise online.

You would require an internet connection, knowledge of WordPress, Mailchimp, Facebook & maybe Twitter and a passion for our cause.

Events Sevadars

We require people to help us at out events, this could be little jobs like cleaning the room beforehand, to making tea or making and serving langar at our bigger events. If you would like to be added to our list of willing volonteers and be part of the team that makes our events happen, please get in touch.

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