Article by Amrit Singh.

Anger moves quickly, like fire it can rage out of control in no time but the impulse behind the anger provides the energy to begin something, for our energy to rise up and spread out.

In ancient Chinese  “when the great fish in the ocean becomes a large bird-like creature and then leaves the water to move into the air; after a great effort and impulse it takes flight in the sky, and the effort is described by the ideogram nu (anger).  This is the effort to make life take off.”

The unacceptable face of anger is when it is externalised and directed at another.  Even when we are most angry – and we have many reasons for justifying our anger – it is traceable to something that is not in the immediate situation, but in some feeling of being threatened.

What is interesting is not to consider whether it is healthy to express anger or repress it, but what are its roots?

Actually when we realise it isn’t to do with our parents, our partner or anyone else, ultimately we may find out that we want to blame God!
Somehow we sense that we had a contract with him that he’s not fulfilling on.  That the world is in the mess that’s it’s in, that our lives turned out less than perfectly, that we didn’t get what we hoped for and that he has disappointed us….

In talking about anger Yogi Bhajan say’s; “instead of directing anger at others, be angry at your own negativity”.  He also said; “the idea is to just stop.  Just wait.  Don’t react.  Therein lies the whole universe.  Just don’t react”  

Of course it is a big challenge not to react when we feel the energy of anger rising but the health costs are great and build up and accumulate over time.

The heat generated dries up the blood and fluids in the body making us age prematurely.  It can also cause insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, constipation, thirst, chest pains and high blood pressure. So we can see that our complaints and our inability to remain resourceful and take action cost us our health and our happiness.

Some practical suggestions for when we are feeling angry:

  • Do something physical – breathe into your navel and ground yourself there, go for a run, dance – anything to break up the strong spell the pattern of anger has you under.
  • Do some yoga or an intensive meditation (see below).
  • Reflect on what the common triggers are in the other that make you feel threatened and trace back in your own history to where the sense of fear or loss comes from (commonly something from our childhood).


Meditation to Burn Inner Anger & Build the Immune System (see image above)

burn_angerMudra: Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Extend and stretch the right arm forward and upward at a 60 degree angle, pointing the index and middle fingers. No bend in the elbows. Hold the pinkie and ring finger down with the thumb.

Left hand: Place the left hand flat on your heart.

Eyes: Closed.

Breath: Form an “o” with the mouth and breathe powerfully through it. Do it emotionally—burn your inner anger, get rid of it.

Time: Continue for 11 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold 10 seconds, stretch both arms and hands over the head, and stretch the spine. Cannon Fire Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. Relax.

Comments: This meditation will build a powerful immune system. It correlates the breath of life, the tattvas and the chakras. If you do it for 11 minutes everyday, after 40 days you will be a different person.

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