Leave a Legacy So Your Help Lives On…

Every action has reaction equal and opposite; what comes, goes; what is born must die. But the wisdom is to create a legacy which is perpetual, everlasting, and a guidance for all. Every action force in strategy must have a cover force, and a place of retreat to take care of the casualties. With that planning one can reach his fulfilment. Yogi, this the sacred secret of joy and happiness in life…

Yogi Bhajan (10 Sacred Secrets to Success)

Gifts of all sizes can make a real difference and will help us transform the lives of those in need. We encourage our supporters to leave us something in their will after providing for loved ones.

You can leave a general gift for us to use in the best way we can or if you have a specific area of need (eg. Rehab, Mental Health, Women, etc.) that is close to your heart please make us aware and we will make your legacy live on through projects in this area.

How to leave a gift in your will

Contact your solicitors and ask them to add a codicil to your existing will or help you draft a new one – they can advise you on the exact wording.

Ways to leave a gift in your will:

Residuary – this gift is a percentage of your remaining estate once all the expenses, liabilities and other specific gifts have been paid.
Pecuniary – this gift is a specific amount of money.
Specific – this gift is a specific item for example, jewellery or antiques.

You only need to say that you are leaving a gift to Guru Ram Das Project and include our Registered Charity Number: 1098682.

If you decide to leave a legacy please notify our Project Manager so that we can make the due thanks and record the gift for future planning.

For more information, please contact our Project Manger.