Ten ways to support your life being lived from the heart

heart chakra 01by Balvinder Kaur

‘H’ value represents the status of your heart chakra, the only place that Yogi Bhajan said is worth living in.

Here are ten H’s that can increase your ‘H’ value. Use your positive mind to enforce them:

• H is for Har. One of many names used to describe God and the most used word in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This is the seed mantra that will open the door to you heart. Chant it, breathe it, become it.
• H is for Hum. Sing Hummee hum brahm hum and move from the realm of ‘I’ to the realm of ‘We’ – from me to community.
• H is for Heart (Hirday in Gurmukhi). Open the window to your heart and allow compassion to enter.
• H is for Huns. Huns is the Gurmukhi word for swan and is often used in Gurbani to mean soul. Recognise the purity of your soul represented by a white swan.
• H is for Hukkam. This is the Divine command that prevails in the universe. Accept and surrender to all that comes your way and live your life with a smile.
• H is for Humility. Humility is the quality we need to embody for practicing seva (unselfish service with a meditational mind).
• H is for Healing. The responsibility is upon each of us to heal the wounds we carry in our hearts and this healing happens by opening, not closing, our hearts.
• H is for Happiness. This is your birth right.
• H is for Humour. Look at the lighter (and brighter) side of life.
• H is for Ha ha ha ha ha…! Laugh out loud at least once a day to release all your worries.
Use your negative mind to say NO to:

Haumae, the Gurmukhi word for ego. Haumae is described as a disease in Gurbani.
Hinsa, the Sanskrit word for violence. Say a big NO to violence by actions or by words. Instead, turn to ahinsa – non-violence, the path chosen by famous sages.

Valuable Tip: Don’t forget to come to One for the Heart workshops to increase your ‘H’ value!

Balvinder Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Chair of the Guru Ram Das Project.

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