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As we strive to create new life from our bodies it is important that we are in the best possible physical condition we can be, just as we tend to the earth by fertilizing the soil and pulling up weeds, there are many techniques within Kundalini Yoga that prepare a couple for conceiving a healthy child, for example, the green diet and sat kriya are two great practises that support conception.

When we are pregnant our yoga practise becomes even more important for us to stay robustly healthy and centred while our entire physical reality shifts to accommodate this new person in our life.


The fuel of pregnancy is driven by hormones and this is when I truly believe that Kundalini Yoga is uniquely brilliant in helping a woman stay sane while she integrates the massive surges of hormones that grow the baby and adapt her incredible body to accommodate her child.

For all the challenges that come from carrying a pregnancy it is also one of the most deeply sensual times in a woman’s life as all our experiences of life are heightened. A consistent practice of yoga and meditation will help a woman tune out distractions and channel her energies. Her ability to tune into her intuition becomes a key tool in being able to navigate the often contradictory world of maternal and baby care. Teaching women in classes that they have  a powerful intuitive compass, they are empowered to trust themselves and the powerful processes of birth and breastfeeding, they can trust their mothering instinct and that whatever challenges come into parenting, as they always do, that they will have the inner strength to be able to deal with them. 


“Having a child is a beautiful kind of alchemy. What this soul brings to you and what you bring to the soul transforms you both for all time.” Gurmukh

Being so intimately connected to our child as they grow within us, the yoga and meditation that we practise while pregnant profoundly affects our unborn child. As we deepen our connection to our personal and the universal divinity so our children are born knowing already how to make that connection.

The children of our society, whether they are born of us or not, are our responsibility. Their consciousness is shaped by our projection. In these challenging times of the Aquarian Age, it becomes ever more vital that women and their families are given the chance to experience their vastness and live according to their satvic nature.

“The hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world.” Mary Robinson

It is our time as women to take full responsibility for our womanly gifts. We all need to wake up and fully appreciate the incredible choice we have in the west of how we can live out our lives. We are the creators, we must use our energies wisely.


Kiranjot has been teaching pregnancy and postnatal yoga for five years, having originally qualified with The Mother’s Journey in 2009 and again with Gurmukh’s Khalsa Way in 2012. Now she also teaches on The Mother’s Journey. She is a recognised birth doula with Doula UK, and creates natural remedies for mothers and their babies from their own placentas. www.idoula.co.uk https://www.placentanetwork.com/specialist/laura-jones/?address=SE15+3tt


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  • Andrea  May 31, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    Hi loved reading this. Bless you Kiranjot, and loving to see your pic. Kiranjot introduced me to Kundalini Yoga, and her passion for the teachings helped fuel and light my path. Blessings. Sat Nam


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