As teachers of KY as taught by Yogi Bhajan we serve and stand for something infinitelly bigger and more powerful than our personal capacity and consciousness. More often than not, we don’t fully understand what exactly is happening to the student during class and why they benefit in the way they do. This fact should fill us with awe, prudence and humility.

However, our ego sometimes comes to a point of frustration and the desire to control and command more what is happening. This is when we are tempted to deviate from our commitments and guidelines, “become creative” and mix other teachings and technologies into our practice. Even if we have experienced them ourselves as beneficial, we most probably have no full understanding of their ways either, not even to speak of what really happens longterm to mind, body and spirit of anybody applying our personal mix. There is clearly a risk of dangerous and wrong results.

Especially Kundalini Yoga on one hand and any method using the ingestion of mind altering substances on the other hand have a high potential of creating undesirable results and severe, irreversible damage if mixed together. Sadly, we have more than enough empirical evidence of it. Both methods are working with very powerful forces – one could say one from within, one from without – if those start to interfere with each other, their internal laws and consequences, the human being might be torn apart. Yogi Bhajan was very clear to not practice KY under the influence of mind altering drugs.

Therefore, the GRDP alerts all teachers of KY as taught by Yogi Bhajan – but especially those working for the GRDP charity – to not either mix or promote mixing Shamanic practices (especially the use of mind altering substances like ayahuasca etc.) or any other distinct technology or teaching with KY as taught by Yogi Bhajan in one and the same event. This obviously does not imply any judgement of any other technology or teaching. Every genuine teaching has the potential to bring healing and liberation when applied in the right context and under continued guidance, but also to be abused and to result in (conscious or unconscious) harm if not.

If you would like to know more about what our charity’s founder Shiv Charan Singh has to say about the differences between Kundalin Yoga and the Shamanic path and the implications of mixing both, please watch the youtube video:

and/or open and read Shamanic path and the use of plant medicines in relation to Kundalini Yoga.

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