by Shiv Charan Singh

Changes, Exchanges and Surprises. Movements through the Feminine Forces of Freedom, Justice, Purity and Healing Power of Compassion. Movements from the very Mother Earth Herself and from the Communal Collective Consciousness of Women.

Note: The following text is not intended to be predictive in any way. It merely takes advantage of the presence of numbers in our shared lives, and shared calendar, to hint at some useful areas of attention, contemplation, reflection and investment for the year.

The anchoring focus, or the spirit, of the year is indicated by 1 + 5 = 6.

It brings themes, and challenges, such as freedom and responsibility, justice and conflict, secrets and exposure, arts and beauty, romance and fear, danger of crisis or grace of opportunity. Here are some ways that can be expressed (you may intuit others):

– The silence, the secrets and the screams of the oppressed.
– The music and songs of those that never give up.
– Conflict in relation to freedom and justice.
– Intensifying conflict over resources and lands, or land being made free and available.
– Eco-warriors arise once more; will they fight ‘for a future’ or merely ‘against the system’.
– Surprises and a sense of urgency; ecological as well as for and from women.
– Surprise the world around you or you will be in for a surprise.
– Sense of responsibility driven by fear or informed faith.
– Nuclear: unfolding of creative expression; personally in the art of the heart or collectively war.
– Spiritual awakening – grounded in clarity, or nothing but a dream.
– Greater random/rogue acts of terror; peace through fear and fear of peace.
– Contrast that with random acts of altruism and noble sacrifices.
– Dance your fear till it brings peace on earth.
– Continuous tendency to think in terms of tragedy, crisis and disaster actually brings the calamity.
– Or develop the ability to transform the movement of the moment into opportunity and possibility.

The opportunities and possibilities of 2015 are expressed through the number 8:
This means energy, and usually in the forms of power, money and sex,. But also in higher forms such as prana and compassion. And then in basic forms such as food and water.
Associated themes will be: empowerment, free energy, true authority, healing, purity, compassion, abundance, flow and infinite connection. It is a struggle between the abuse of power, when you think it is your own, or using the flow of power to empower others.
All this can take the mood of fortune or fate, blessings or tragedies, abundance of compassion or drowning in the hunger for power. Naturally this will depends on our individual and collective attitude and consciousness.
The overall mood is the drive for, and fear of, a balance of forces. This relates to a natural instinct to find harmony. Related to 8 that harmony would take the expression of economic justice. While the disharmony would imply a widening of the gap to the extent of unbearable crisis. For example opposite forces in politics paralyse their countries or learn to communicate and co-operate to serve the greater whole.
The mixed collective consciousness combined of fear and a sense of responsibility will have influences in the global negotiations on matters such as power struggles, abuse of power and the continued efforts to silence communities that strive for self-empowerment and self-expression.
The global wave of economic shock gets bigger, and hits harder.
Such high tension, on the global scale, is a recipe for (usually groups of) people to dare to take a stand and risk their life for a better world. In other words we are in a scenario where sacrifices are called for and may even be volunteered/offered.
Faith, as an antidote, will not be sufficient unless it is expressed in collective acts of compassion. Impact is needed. It’s time to be really very Dynamically Human.
This also suggests sudden changes in the balance of power. More revolutions pushing to the surface. On the bright side this can also mean more discoveries and developments towards Free energy for all. Progress towards a basic income for all. There is no reason for anyone to die of hunger.

*** As a personal practice the emphasis can be placed on the process of Eliminate to Illuminate: the Purifying Power of Discernment in all things, at all levels. ***

Both 6 and 8 are feminine numbers and imply her impersonal collective nature. Women’s influence on the world need not be underestimated. By their passivity or by their manifest communal strength, for better or for worse, it is women that are going to change the world.
Women have a chance to have a strong impact in 2015. This will depend on their ability to work together and call ‘STOP’.
As with new year’s resolutions, the first day of the year can be a day to set the mood for the whole year.

1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 10.

It tells us that compassion is for all, otherwise it is not true compassion. It Guides us to deep listening and inclusion of all. To offer a radiance that lights up the global consciousness.
The hidden 5 of 2015 reminds us that dialogue is essential. That each one (every soul) must be given a voice.
The oppression (silencing) of that voice shall merely set the stage for more intense conflict later.
5 is also a number of alchemic transformation. However it should not be forgotten that this is accomplished through significant sacrifice. It is the self you are transforming.

Oh! People! – Offer yourself as a channel to flood the world
With loving consciousness and compassion
So it does not flood with fear and tears.
Awake so that the Highest Principles will Guide you
May Pure Wisdom Empower you always
May it contribute to building a Bridge of Common Understanding
May the All the Wounds of All our Ancestors be Healed
So that war has no force to maintain itself and will STOP
And May the Grace of Peace Permeate Every Land


“The body may forget things but the soul doesn’t forget its journey. All actions come from the breath of life, and we all breathe the same breath of life. So, we are extremely united if we understand the expression: We are strung like beads on one breath of life which is everywhere. And that is how Universal we are.” Yogi Bhajan (8/11/99)

Shiv Charan Singh founded the Guru Ram Das Project in 2003. He is a Trustee of the Charity, a Minister of Sikh Dharma and Director of Karam Kriya School. Read more…

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